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Pet Services and Supplies

The family company where pets are always comes first. 

Our pet services are extending by adding to our offer unique and specialist products. From premium to holistic and raw food to toys, bedding, dog houses- everything what you may need under one roof of our online shop. Please visit us on Ebay or call us directly for orders and delivery. 


We are happy to offer for sale our new unique brand of dog food ; GD-Coat & Skin

Tailored, top range dry food designed especially for dogs with itchy skin and poor coat condition.

Min of 76% of fish.  No Grains, No Chicken, No Beef, No Pork.

Salmon, Trout, Herring and other fish. 

Whole egg, linseed & salmon oil

Fish stock, sweet potato, pea fibre

Fruits & vegetables (apples, carrots, cauliflower, berries, ginger, ginseng, tomato, peas, seaweed)

MSM, Glucosamine, chondrotonin

Vitamins & Minerals    






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